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Day 2

Wednesday 20 June 2012

You can see the photos from day 2 of fashionclash in this post. Again i was suprised by the amazing talent from the designers! 
There'll be another post from a show and an outfit from fashionclash. I hope i'm not boring you with these posts, but i'm also in the middle of testweek right now, which means i'm not able to take photos anyway. I hope to get some good grades, since some of them are for my exams. So i'm off studying again!

1) Barbara Langendijk
2) Lilach Eliyahu
3) Hao- Ni Tsai
4) Ivana Pilja
5) Pierre-Antoinne Vettorello
6) Femke Agema
7) Brian Geradts

fran said...



Yeux De Princesses said...

Er zit écht wel talent tussen! Die eerste foto is zo leuk :)

xx Marie

Selena said...

ooiii! i need that teepee dress.

Christia Devita said...


Suzanne Toro Lopez said...

Cool post! That triangle dress is so awesome, pure art!


September Sweet said...

Ziet er echt supervet uit!!

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Day 2
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