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Photo diary Utrecht/Rotterdam

Tuesday 30 July 2013

This vacation i saw Cherelle and Maon again, and i had the best time! Calling them blogger friends feels a bit strange, because i've got to know them so well now, especially Cherelle. I spent four days with her: to go to a festival (you can even see us in the aftermovie at 2:27 here), visit the Fashion Week downtown program, drink wine on the rooftop, laugh and cry at the concert of Edward Sharpe (it was so amaaaazing) and spend evenings in the park.
I also went with Manon to Rotterdam and after that i slept at her place. It was so nice to see where she lives and Manon: you and your family are so sweet :D

1) Fashion week downtown
2) Manon and i are the queens of weird photos haha
3) Pop-up catwalk from Marije Hellwich
4) With Cherelle at Metropolis
5) Jade from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes (photo by Tom van Marrewijk)

London wishlist

Friday 26 July 2013

I'm flying to London tomorrow!
Without parents, without anyone i know, i'll stay in London for 8 days, to attend a course at the art academy Central Saint Martins. And gosh i'm so excited! I'm staying at the halls of residence from the academy, which is some sort of campus. Hopefully a lot of sweet people will stay there :)
Of course it's quite scary to go there all by myself, but i have never mind being alone. And there's a lot to do! School, sightseeing, going to cosy restaurants and naturally, shopping. Down below you can see my wishlist, and if you know some great spots in London: don't hesitate to tell me! I would love to here your recommendations!

Ps. Don't worry, there are multiple posts planned for you.

Jellies (Juju via Office)
Something with cow print (Topshop)
A pretty clutch (Asos)
Teddy/fluffy jacket (Topshop)
Flatforms (Topshop)
Oversized coat (Zara)

Amsterdam fashion week (last day, part 1)

Thursday 25 July 2013

Winde Rienstra really gave me the shivers. 
'Pure magic': two words from my friend Leonie (who also attended the show) that describe the show the best.

Amsterdam fashion week: Anne de Grijff and Allan Vos

Monday 22 July 2013

At afw i also saw the shows of Anne de Grijff and Allan Vos. I especially loved the show of Anne! She's kind of a special case when you think about her popularity. She's well known but also unknown: a lot of people don't know who she is (even the people who attended the show), but she does sell her clothes at big stores/webshops as yoox. Her designs are wearable, simple, floating and have got unusual folds. There also was a live-band at the show which made everything even prettier somehow.
Unfortunately all my photos of the show failed, so the photos of Anne her show are from Team Peter Stigter. I did manage to get 1 good shot at Allan Vos. (I really don't know what went wrong with my camera, the last time i went to fashion shows everything went very smooth with the photography. But luckily i díd manage to take some good photos at the next two shows i'll show you.) Allan Vos also was a great show, at the second day i attended fashion week. Great start of the day!

Amsterdam fashion week: Jose Francisco Ramos & Alla Kuzmyk

Thursday 18 July 2013

In my last post i said i would tell you all about my pursuits from 6-10 july, but all of a sudden Cherelle her laptop crashed, and she's got all the photos! So that's why it has been silent here for almost a week. But now i've got other news to blog about.
Monday and tuesday i went to amsterdam fashion week. And it was amazing! Went to five shows, and the absolute highlight must be Winde Rienstra. The photos from Winde will be later on the blog. For now: Jose Francisco Ramos and Alla Kuzmyk. 
I must admit Alla wasn't really my cup of tea. A bit too much malformations if you ask me. Jose on the other hand had a very strong male collection! Beautiful prints, great shapes. One other disadvantage: the shows went by so quick! There was hardly any time to look at the designs closely. A single wink and the models were gone. Quite a pity, but nevertheless it was an amazing experience! I mean, second row at amsterdam fashion week. What do you wan't more?

I couldn't bring my SLR-camera with me, so most of the photos are made by FashionRollers.

Black and white

Friday 12 July 2013

Had the most amazing days ever! From Saturday till yesterday i only did fun things, had great parties and enjoyed éverything. As you can expect i'm extremely tired right now, so i'm gonna catch some sleep as soon as possible, cause tomorrow the parties will begin again!
I will tell you what i did since Saturday post by post, but first i wanna show you my outfit from Monday when i went to Rotterdam with Manon. It was great to see her again! Did some shopping (bought the most awesome jumpsuit), sat by the river just chatting and enjoying the sun and ate at an Italian restaurant. After that i slept at her place and it was so nice to see where she lives.
We absolutely had a great time together!

Dress: Monki
Shoes: Vagabond
Bracelets: Six, H&M, market
Lipstick: Catrice cherry blossom
Bag: Cheap Monday
Sunnies: Primark

Still i follow the heartlines on your hand

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Hello there! So far i'm having an awesome holiday! Parties every night, loads of friends and music. And not so much sleep -_- But it's worth it haha. And good news: i passed this school year, which means i'm going to the final year. Yes!

The outfit-photo below is rather old, but better late than never right?

Blazer: H&M
Blouse: H&M
Tights: market
Shoes: Vagabond
Ring: Six
Bracelets: Six, market
Lipstick: Chanel rouge coco 21