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Instagram diary

Tuesday 29 July 2014

I totally forgot to tell you, but i'm in London at the moment! Of course you can stay up-to-date by following me on my instagram, or on the account from Unhemmed magazine for even more updates.
And don't worry, i've got some scheduled posts for you!

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(International) Give-away

Saturday 26 July 2014

To celebrate my 'new' blog i cooperated with Oasap for a give-away! You can win these high waisted shorts in a size S. Perfect for warm days paired with a nice blouse + sandals!

What do you have to do to enter?
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(The give-away will be closed the 9th of August.)

Amsterdam Fashion Week day 5

Wednesday 23 July 2014

First of all i want to thank every one of you for the sweet comments on my last post! They really really made my week! I'm so happy to hear that you like the name fashion roulette that much, and thanks a lot for all the advice and feedback!

Second of all: enjoy my last catwalk photos from Amsterdam Fashion Week! These ones were taken on the last day, when i visited 4 shows with Cherelle and Manon. Unfortunately i wasn't able to take a lot of good photos, but i must say i didn't like the shows that much as well. I absolutely LOVED the show from Maison the Faux, where they even transformed the whole venue into a garden, (including a pond with fountains and gardeners!) and David Laport's show with some really interesting pieces. The opening and final show of the day on the other hand, weren't that good at all. MLY kinda looked to me like a collection for boring housewives with their pencil skirts and undefinable patterns while Paul Schulten just wasn't impressing. Of course they both had some interesting items (for MLY the accessories and for Paul Schulten a sequin skirt with a world map on it), but in general it was quite a bummer.
BUT i have to say i did really enjoy being there! I'm very grateful i had the opportunity to visit all these shows at Fashion Week and i actually feel kinda spoiled to even have that much comparisons. All in all it was one crazy week full of experiences and amazing people, and i definitely hope to be there again next winter!

1) David Laport
2) MLY
3) Maison the Faux
4) 5) Paul Schulten

Afw outfit (+important announcement!)

Monday 21 July 2014

I think it comes as a big surprise for most of you that i changed my blogger name all of a sudden (+bought a domain). But the truth is i wasn't happy with if you find style for such a long time. I chose this name when i started blogging a couple of years ago, having no idea that i would keep it up for so long and that blogging would become such an important port of my life.
For a long time i doubted what a good blog name would be, and came up with fashion roulette. Why? I wanted the name to be fashion related, but since i'm not only posting outfit photos but all the things that are involved with fashion, it shouldn't be too specific in my opinion. Roulette stands for a variety of fashion related subjects and fashion for, well obviously, fashion.
The blog lay-out will change the upcoming weeks as well, and maybe a bit of the content. Do you have any sort of posts (outfits, new designers, videos, personal diaries, etc) that you would like to see more often? Or do you have any tips/changes you would like to see on my 'new' blog?

Ps. All the emails send to ifyoufindstyle@hotmail.nl will be redirected to my new address: fashion-roulette@hotmail.com

Suit: Topshop
Top: Monki
Shoes: Robey
Rings: H&M

Amsterdam Fashion Week diary

Saturday 19 July 2014

I do not want to bore you by just posting catwalk photos and outfit posts from Fashion Week, so here's a little diary to give you a peek inside as well!

1) Sweet Grazia girls
2) New favorite drink from Manon haha
3) With Yvet and Manon
4) Amazing dance by Nanine Lanning with costumes by Iris van Herpen
5) Raïnaraï must be my favorite restaurant in town!
6) At the Zalando Blogger Awards

Amsterdam Fashion Week day 4

Thursday 17 July 2014

To get my rest i skipped day 3 of Fashion Week, and strolled around the city. This gave me some more energy for day 4 which definitely was my favorite one! I met up with Yvet, Wendy and Manon again to see 5 shows. I even sat front row (!!!), met great other bloggers and especially enjoyed the shows from Zyanya Keizer and Tony Cohen.

1) Zyanya Keizer
2) Dorhout Mees
3) Tony Cohen
4) Zyanya Keizer
5) Tony Cohen
6) Verena Michels
7) Dorhout Mees

My planet sweet on a silver salver

Tuesday 15 July 2014

This is the outfit i wore on the second day of Fashion Week. It was quite hard to capture this foil dress properly, but Manon did a great job!

Dress: Topshop (limited edition)
Shoes: Nelly
Bag: Choies shopper in a V&D bag
Rings: H&M, Six

Amsterdam Fashion Week day 2

Saturday 12 July 2014

Thursday Amsterdam Fashion Week begun, and as i already told you i was there as well to check the shows! At day 1 i didn't take a lot of good photos so here are only photos from day 2, when i met up with Manon. Tomorrow i will meet Yvet as well oeeeh i'm so excited!
My favorite show of day 2 must be by Maaike Fransen. It wasn't just a normal show but more some kind of performance act with amazing outfits (seen on photo 2). Maybe i'll make a special post later on with more photos of the show cause it was so good!

1) Fernanda Fernandes
2) Maaike Fransen
3) NON by Kim
4) Lichting 2014
5) Joelle Boers & Bregje Cox
6) 7) Lichting 2014

My version of overnight oats

Thursday 10 July 2014

Today i'm leaving for Amsterdam Fashion Week! A proper breakfast is very important these days, so i'd like to share mine with you.
First of all i'd like to say that i've been eating oatmeal as long as i can remember so i'm not just going along with the whole 'oatmeal hype' that's going on. I was quite happy with it though, cause the plain recipe kinda bored me and now there are so much more variations to try out! I started experimenting a bit with overnight oats and the recipe down below must be my favorite.
What do you think about oatmeal and the hype?

-60g oatmeal
-50ml water
-200ml milk
-2 tablespoons of goji berries
-1 tablespon of chia seeds
-half a banana

How to make it
Put the oatmeal, milk, water, goji berries and chia seeds in a bowl. Put some foil on top of it and place it in the fridge for a night. The morning after you can just add the banana and raspberries and you're ready to go!

We will go far into the sea

Tuesday 8 July 2014

There'll be some big changes on the blog the upcoming weeks *drum rolls*. More about this soon!

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Top: Oasap
Suspender dress: Oasap
Sandals: Birkenstock
Bag: V&D (with Marni jacket and Clash magazine inside)

Unhemmed magazine

Sunday 6 July 2014

Next week it's time for Amsterdam Fashion Week again! This time i'm doing it a bit differently when it comes down to social media: i'll be curating the Unhemmed Instagram for a week and keep you updated there! I'll probably post some photos on my own account as well, but the main focus will be at Unhemmed.
And there's more fun news: i'm going to shoot street style photos for the magazine at Fashion Week! Curious what Unhemmed is about? You can check their latest issue here (come on, it's free!). And don't forget to follow their Instagram to see my updates!

"Unhemmed is the premiere fashion publication catering to stylistic, intellectual and artistic students world wide. Based out of Brown University, the magazine has been operating via its multimedia platform since September 2011."

Best kept secret photo diary

Friday 4 July 2014

I got my disposable camera from the Best Kept Secret festival developed, and couldn't wait to share them with you! I had the best time there, meeting all of these wonderful new people and seeing the most amazing bands.
My top 3 favorite artists must be Connan Mockasin, James Blake and Metronomy. Connan Mockasin was just one crazy experience (he kept yelling 'MEER KRUIMELS' which means more crumbs???) and James Blake was soooo good, the loud bass literally made my whole body shake. Metronomy definitely had the best decor on stage and it was so much fun to see them play in their matching suits! Aaah i wanna go again :D