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Rusty silk

Friday 27 February 2015

The thing i definitely miss in The Hague is this particular spot to take pictures, i absolutely love the rusty walls and industrial feeling. It gives the perfect bit of extra to an outfit!

Amsterdam food hotspot: Raïnaraï

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Raïnaraï is with it's 4 tables a very intimate and personal restaurant, but somehow also a very easy-going and relaxed one. During summer i love to sit outside, watching people cycling and walking by the canals. But during winter it's great to visit Raïnaraï as well, because of the great atmosphere, and of course, because of the amazing food they serve! Before visiting this restaurant i didn't know anything about nomadic Algerian food, but you can definitely put me on the fan-list now. Think: couscous, pumpkin filled with spinach, goat cheese and figs, or braised lamb. Who can say no to that?! In case you're still a bit in doubt if this is the right food for you (or when you're not that hungry) you can just chose a small plate for €7 and pick the two most yummy looking things out of the showcase. Feeling more hungry? Go for the medium, or large plate. You won't regret it! I promise. Now go.

Ps. I've only been to their location at Prinsengracht, which works a bit different then their Westergasfabriek spot. If you want to know what's the difference: check their website here.

Instagram diary

Saturday 21 February 2015

A lot has happened the last month! I went to fashion week, worked at ART rotterdam and visited a couple of exhibitions and concerts. Wanna know what else? Click on the read more button down below.

Fashion week preppin // Dennis Diem his show at fashion week was amazing!
Pretty in pink // Yummy breakfast

Golden hour

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Having made many appearances on the blog already (sorry (not sorry)) i think it's save to say by now that these are my favorite trousers. They just go with everything!

Summer holiday plans

Saturday 14 February 2015

I totally forgot to take my laptop with all the photos to my parents place, so i figured it would be a good time to tell you about the holiday i booked a few weeks ago with my mom, to Myanmar! Probably most of you don't know the country, but maybe there's a bell ringing when i say that the name used to be Burma? Myanmar is located next to India, China and Thailand and it has a population of 51 million (!) people. It's such an unknown country because it had a militairy dictatorship till 2011. Burma was really unsave and definitely not a place for tourists, but since the dictatorship has ended it became a lot better. When you look at all the beauty there you're wondering how it's possible that tourists still haven't discovered the country. Luckily we did ;)
We booked an 18 days organised holiday, and will travel through the whole country. Myanmar has a lot to offer but since it's so big and the roads are quite bad, we also have 2 domestic flights. I honestly can't wait!

(For the ones who are dutch and really curious, this is the flight we booked: click here.)

Quilted flower skirt

Monday 9 February 2015

It's 3 in the afternoon and my eyes are almost closing. The last few days were great (awesome school party, spending a day in Amsterdam, working for Copperfield gallery on Art fair Rotterdam) but super exhausting. I'm probably going to take a nap now; see ya later!

Amsterdam Fashion Week day 5

Thursday 5 February 2015

Waaah i don't know what happened but i can't find my photos from fashion week day 4 ANYWHERE on my computer. I'm kinda freaking out here since i had front and second row seats (--> really good photos) that day. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that they will turn out to be in some strange folder...
So here are the photos of day 5, the last day of fashion week. Enjoy!