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Do you wanna feel black and blue?

Wednesday 29 October 2014

I feel like ever since i moved to The Hague, my style got more sophisticated. The city is influencing me in a good way! There's so much more creativity going on and all the people are so friendly, which is something i didn't expect to find in a big city. Because the government is based here there are a lot of businessmen flying around and this busy, volatile atmosphere is something i really adore. Maybe they're are also the reason why my way of dressing changed?

New old memories

Sunday 26 October 2014

Tomorrow is the day of my first presentation at the art academy, ieeeks! 4 more days like this will follow the upcoming year, where we have to show everything we made during the lessons and in our free time. Because tomorrow will be the first one, we're also aloud to present some old work to show everybody what we've been doing the previous year. I'm going to show some old photographs and clothes i made, and while searching for good photographs on my laptop i came across these disposable camera photos that i totally forgot to show on the blog!
Aaawh i miss those summer days.

Instagram diary

Thursday 23 October 2014

I just came back from my parents' place so it has been a bit quiet on the blog, but you can always follow me on Instagram to stay up to date!

Festival outfit // Romantic dinner for two at the Pizzahut ;)
Amazing rugs at the textile museum // Polaroid with sweet Bianca

In between colours

Sunday 19 October 2014

Wihoeee, finally holidays! Although i have a lot of catching up to do for school, i've also planned some fun stuff. And it started good already 'cause Manon and her best friend Shani decided to drop by yesterday! Furthermore i've got some parties and an EP release to look forward to.
What are your plans?

Behind the scenes

Thursday 16 October 2014

Remember i told you in this post that i was going to record a film for school? Well, it's all done now and here are some behind the scenes photos!

Fall wardrobe

Monday 13 October 2014

I have to admit that even though i hate rain (and that's an understatement), i really love fall. It's a season where you can wear almost anything you like- long sleeves, short sleeves, jumpers, silk tops. You can layer as much as you like or just stick with one item, as long as you bring a jumper for colder moments that can show up out of the blue.
Therefore i also really love this new jumper from Oasap, which is giving you warmth but not too much. And the best part is that you can combine it in many many ways! In this outfit i'm showing you a kinda chic way to wear it, but it's also perfect with normal jeans for a casual monday.

Friday favorites: video

Friday 10 October 2014

"They asked John Dillinger why he robbed banks, and he told them 'Because that's where the money is,'" says Bobby, a retired teacher from Florida who features in the documentary. "Why do you photograph female models? Well, that's where the beauty is."

(Because i think these guys deserve some more attention)

Study mode: on

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Pfff so many assignments to finish. But luckily it's all a lot of fun! Tomorrow i'm going to shoot my first video together with Anna (who actually studied to be a camera woman before she came to our class) and i'm so excited! If it works out well i might show you the end result. But for now: back to sketching again!

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Photo diary

Saturday 4 October 2014

Sorry sorry sorry for being offline this week! School is asking a lot of my time and i still need to figure out how to combine this with blogging. For now it means that i will update a bit less (probably every three days instead of two), but i'll try to get back to the normal rhythm as fast as i can! Down below you can see some things i did lately, so you get a bit of an idea what i do besides school :)