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Saturday 30 November 2013

This Monday i went to Tom Odell and oooh-my, it was amazing! Goosebumps. (That's all i wanted to say :)

Outfit // Pretty Groningen
Drawing weird men and listening to the Smiths is quite okay // Thrift shop
Swim Deep aaaw yeah // Outfit
Sewing a jacket (it's actually finished already!) // Saturdays
Amsterdam // Found this while visiting galleries
Had so much fun last saturday while watching this band // Birthday dress
Winter coat // Tom Odell
Toast with hummus // Zach and Tom: true babes


Thursday 28 November 2013

Took my new babies out for a spin yesterday, and of course it started raining 5 minutes after leaving home. 
So i'm sorry for the number of photos. Gotta love holland!

Coat: & Other Stories
Sweater: vintage
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: & Other Stories

New in: & Other Stories shoes

Sunday 24 November 2013

Totally in love with my new hairy shoes!

Shoes: & Other Stories
Rings: H&M


Friday 22 November 2013

I actually wanted to take some outfit photos today, but it's getting dark way too early!
So for now i'll just leave you here with some random photos i took lately.

1) detail
2) i've got this strange obsession with old industrial buildings
3) portrait
4) Amsterdam
5) clothes by Bas Kosters

Don't just dream in your sleep, it's just lazy

Saturday 16 November 2013

I went to the concert with friend Leonie of Swim Deep in Amsterdam last week and this is what i wore. The concert was just amazing!!!! A bit disappointing that they only played for one hour, but it was totally worth it anyway. Afterwards we slept at Niels (another friend) his place and the next day we went shopping and ate apple pie in a sweet restaurant. 
In short: a great weekend filled with music, shopping and friends!

Cloud print suit: Oasap
Shoes: Juju jellies
Transparent bag: unknown

Winter coats are lifesavers

Thursday 14 November 2013

I can't correct Camilla from into the fold on why winter coats are the best. So i won't.
(And i'm just in love with this coat i got from grandma.)

"Dear winter coat,
First and foremost you keep me warm (unless you're that dodgy one I ordered off a wholesale store from China; you don't keep me warm at all, but you're pretty, so I'll make my excuses and potentially get hypothermia). But you're so much more than that, so much more than a wind defender and cold defeater, you become a third limb when October sets in. You become the headless, bodiless, legless best friend that's always there for me. You're hot, cosy, fluffy and comforting; some might say you'd be the ideal boyfriend, but not me, because you're even more than a mere partner. You're a partner in crime when I wander the streets at 2AM in just a dress and heels, you're the partner in womanhood when, in winter, it's that time of month and it takes all my inner juju to summon myself into humanity. You're the only thing I let hug me, the only thing I let that close to me at all, in fact. I trust you to keep my body temperature at a decent level so that my immune system is able to fully function, because you know that I don't look good when I have a cold. You understand that sometimes I don't want to use your arm holes, because deep down we both just want to feel like superwoman. You're the layer of fur that evolution took away from me.
I guess, you just understand what I need when It's 10 degrees outside, and if that isn't the basis of a solid relationship, then I don't know what is."

Ode to the Céline trio bag

Tuesday 12 November 2013

When you're asking me about the characteristics of a perfect bag the answer will be: black, leather, simple and a sophisticated size. And for me, this all comes down to the Céline trio. I just can't imagine a bag more timeless/classy than this one.
(Since i've got the bad habit to stuff all bags up with rubbish till it's almost too heavy to carry, this size is just perfect! There's enough room for your daily needs such as a wallet, lipstick and notebook, but nothing left for the unnecessary, and heavy, knickknacks.)
And now i know where to buy the Céline trio bag there's only one thing left: find a sugar daddy/grandma/aunt... But please help me, where can i find thát one?!

Picture from Nadia Bailey, edited with my awesome paint-skills

And it’s this secret world that exists right there in public, unnoticed, that no one knows about.

Thursday 7 November 2013

The texture of my sweater is looking a bit... weird? Well, i guess it's just the lightning.
Oh and i went to see the film Frances Ha the other day, and you girls should all check it out! It's wonderful! (The title of this post is actually a quote from the movie and you can read the whole quote here)

Sweater: gifted by Chloe (from Chloe's addiction)
Dress: Topshop Boutique
Shoes: Juju jellies
Bag:Oasap (it's on sale now!)

Instagram diary

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Haven't been blogging for a week, what happened?! Well, i've just been studying for days and days. BORING. But luckily my test week is over now, and most of the exams went pretty well. (I've actually still got an oral exam tomorrow, but that will be easy peasy)
To stay a bit up-to-date during these quite days on the blog, you can always check my instagram!

 Lovely collages in i-D // New (vintage) Topshop jumpsuit
Fall colours are so pretty! // Wall at a vintage store
Feeding the sheep in my hairy vest haha // Received these new bags from Fashionology and Oasap, how sweet!
Organ at a gig // Photo-exhibition 
Favorite kind of lunch // Sock collection
Had a lot of extra chemistry and physic lessons :( // Photo i made in Istanbul exactly one year ago