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Tuesday 29 April 2014

Discovered a new brand. *drops jaw*
(you can see their latest a/w collection here)

Instagram diary

Saturday 26 April 2014

Today it's kingsday in Holland, which means lots of orange and partying! I stayed at home yesterday so i could study for my finals, but tonight i'll be partying as well :) After strolling around at the flea market i'll go to my friend's place who just moved into a new apartment, and has a birthday to celebrate.
How are you going to spend your evening?

Drawing while i should be studying // Outfit
Love all the blooming flowers // My tumblr
Lovely store // Ipie sent me such a sweet letter!
Train ride // Selfie whilst shooting (see full post here)
'Put a sock in it' // Pinkpinkpink
Latest outfit // Took an early walk 
Prom // Another sweet letter from Iepie :)
Willem de Kooning and cacti are good company // My last day of school was so much fun!


Wednesday 23 April 2014

I'm still a bit cynical when it comes down to wearing croptops. I'm just not that kinda girl who likes showing too much skin. But since i LOVE croptops worn by other people, i decided to give it a try anyway. And i think i actually kinda like it :)

Last friday i went to the movie Yves Saint Laurent in this very small and cute theater. And OHMY the dresses were breathtaking. While most of the attendees felt a lump in their throat because of Yves his hard life, i cried over the beautiful dresses. Guess there has to be a difference ;)

Top: Choies (click)
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Nelly
Rings: Froufrou's, H&M
Lipstick: Chanel rouge coco 21

Happy easter!

Sunday 20 April 2014

I wish you all a happy easter! (i know i'm a bit late, but it must be easter somewhere in this world ;)
And don't forget the big sale on Romwe with more than 1000 times up to 75% off! It's ending the 22th, so (click here and) buy yourself some presents, to celebrate that summer is on it's way!

Taste it

Thursday 17 April 2014

Yeeeah, these clothes will pretty much do the job for me.
Oh, and at the moment there are more than 1000 styles up to 75% off at Romwe, from April 15th till April 22nd, so that you can buy a pretty new Easter outfit! It's not a bad thing to treat yourself every now and then, and i'm afraid i'll just have to buy myself the black dress shown down below ;)
By the way, the white lace blouse, which you can see on the last picture, costs only $11.99 today, which means you'll save 64%. And when using the code 10offwhitelace it will even help you save 67% in total. Quite a bargain, right?

(To see more of my wishlist, you can also check my minipopup here)

Choies croptop // Topshop mom jeans // Nelly rings // Nelly sandals
Adidas sandals (via Zalando) // Romwe dress // Oasap sunglasses 


Monday 14 April 2014

Last friday was prom-time! It was so much fun and i'm definitely gonna miss my classmates a lot! In special these girls down below, i can't even count the times my stomach hurt after laughing too much while making one of our stupid videos, or dressing up as weird movie characters (nothing beats a good dress up party ;). Hopefully i'll see them again next year, but since we're all going moving into different directions, figuratively and literally, it won't be that easy.
But hey, we've still got a summer ahead of us!

Thanks a lot for the photographs grandpa!

In my head, the grass is green and the cows are orange

Friday 11 April 2014

Blazer + black skirt + brogues + patterned tights: this used to be my standard uniform back in the days. Whenever i don't know what to wear (on days like today for example), i'm tend to wear a combo like this again; it's just too easy not to!

Jacket: H&M Trend (old)
Tights: Primark
Scarf: selfmade
Shoes: Vagabond (via Nelly)
Ring: Revival London
Bracelets: Six, H&M, secondhand


Tuesday 8 April 2014

Been shooting today with Ghiel and Wouter. Ghiel is an upcoming artist (you can check his website here, and his facebook here) who designed this bass for Wouter, and it was such a pleasure working with them in the studio! But i guess that's quite obvious after seeing the last photo ;)

Disposable camera

Saturday 5 April 2014

Took these photos around December and i finally scanned them this morning, with only just the slightest bit of a delay ;)
My test-week ended yesterday, but i'm afraid i'll have to resit 4 of the exams next week (more stuDYING, ugh). God damn physics, i'll be so glad when i'm graduated!