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Tuesday 29 July 2014

I totally forgot to tell you, but i'm in London at the moment! Of course you can stay up-to-date by following me on my instagram, or on the account from Unhemmed magazine for even more updates.
And don't worry, i've got some scheduled posts for you!

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Summer playlist // Great wall in The Hague
The war on drugs at Best Kept Secret Festival // Metronomy at Best Kept Secret
At Best Kept Secret // Disposable camera photos are so much fun!
Overnight oats + Purple Magazine makes a perfect breakfast // Street art
Sweet Valeria and Rana :) // Polaroid i took of Romy
Best lemonade // Favorite (vintage Moschino) trousers
Hutspot is such a great store! // Show from Lichting 2014 at Fashion Week
Zyanya Keizer at Fashion Week // With Manon and Yvet
Got an amazing book from Foam in my goodiebag! // Lovely store near my new room

(This is a scheduled post, i'm currently in London)
ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

such great photos, dear! cannot wait to see more from England! thanks for the lovely comment, wanna follow each other? :)

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Anett said...

Lovely pictures! :) I am also on Instagram, would you like to follow each other? I'm @bellapummarola, just leave a comment on one of my pics and I'll follow you back.


tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

wow wonderful pics!
would you like to pass from my blog?
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De Dotties Dagboek said...

Mooie foto's zeg! Ziet ernaar uit dat je veel leuke dingen hebt gedaan!

Live-Style20 said...

fine pics!! ;-)


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Patricia G. said...

Cool, dear!!!! Love so much your dungaree and Metronomy!! I saw the band at Paredes de Coura festival to years ago!!! ;)

Katie Frank said...

yay your instagram is so lovely! i'm going to follow you as soon as possible <3

Roshelle | Life Of Roshelle said...

Oei! Je rookt toch niet he? Hahaha! Toffe broek heb je aan op die foto!

Charline . said...

Nice photos!
Enjoy your time in London :)

See you Eline xx

Unknown said...

Love your style!!
you are so gorgeous!!♥


LoveT. said...

Gorgeous <3


Dascha said...

Heel gaaf!!