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Day 3

Monday 25 June 2012

I really loved to see the collection from Marlou Breuls on the sunday of fashionclash, but Manon Boertien also did a great job and reminded me a lot of african destinations.
This is my last post about this event. It was amazing to be all these days at fashionclash, and i'll definitely be there next year! Such a great experience to not only see the shows, but to also go backstage and see how everything goes, meet other bloggers and last but not least: get A LOT of inspiration!
Thank you Marike for let me sleep at your place and thank you Els for introducing me to this event!

1) Manon Boertien
2) Zohra Murad
3, 6) George Styler
4) Lenka Srsnová
5) Marlou Breuls

Unknown said...

This show looks absolutely amazing!
Wish I could've gone!

Laura x

fran said...

amazing spectacle!


Flo said...

Wat gaaf! Mooi met die hoofddoeken, weer eens iets anders.

Violet E. said...


Clara Turbay said...

You look really amazing!

Luis said...

Wow these pictures are GORGEOUS!



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Sandra Marie said...

Wow! Absolutely amazing post my dear! The Line up was great and I enjoyed every band. You will see pictures in the following post ;)

Marti said...

Very inspiring post! :)


Joyce said...

gaaf zeg!

Anonymous said...

looove the yellow pants!!

Unknown said...

the third picture is amazing!


Christia Devita said...

nice nice !:)

DORIS said...

Fantastic fashion show, looks so amazing

Unknown said...

amazing pics!!!
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Borjana said...

Amazing pictures,honey!Enjoying in your posts every time!;)

Manon Margaretha said...

Dankjewel !
Heel toevallig, maar ik vind die collectie van Manon ook erg mooi !

Poppy Miau said...

lovely post! :)
I too c:
You follow me?

perfect hippie said...

Ah wauw dit zijn hele mooie foto's

Denise said...

Gave foto's heb je ervan gemaakt!

Remkje said...

Zitten echt mooie dingen tussen.. :)

En wat toevallig dat je broer daar ook gaat studeren! Misschien kom ik hem onbewust nog wel tegen, haha :p

Lisanne said...

wauw, het ziet er geweldig uit! wat leuk dat je daarbij was zeg!

Stiene Saenen said...

Woow, die derde foto vind ik echt prachtig!

Tessa: said...

Gaaf! Ik vind vooral de Zohra Murad dress en die van George Styler erg mooi