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Give-away winner

Thursday 12 July 2012

I'm leaving to Italy tomorrow morning! And i'm so looking forward to it! I'll be away for 2,5 weeks but don't worry, i've got some posts scheduled for you! Less than normal, but i won't be away completely. Of course i'm a total sucker when it comes down to packing, so my suitcase was already full when i had only packed my clothes. So i had to redo it twice before everything fitted. But my suitcase is closed now! So i'm ready to go :)
And the winner of the kenzaa give-away is Flo! Congrats! I've send you an email.

Okay. This photo hasn't got anything to do with the post. Whatever.

Steven Brown said...

WOW ITALY? YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT. :) HAVE A GOOD TIME TOO. I am following. I hope you can check out my site: http://theproverbs.net and FOLLOW. Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon and joining.

best wishes,
steven b.

Mariana Glez said...

Amazing !!!!!!!

Manon Margaretha said...

Veel plezier op vakantie !

Marloes said...

Veel plezier! :D

Charlie said...

Veel plezier!
Liefs, Charlie

Flo. said...

Yay, haha! Heel veel plezier Eline! Ik had je mijn adres al opgestuurd, dus ik ben benieuwd. XXX

Enara Girl said...

Congratulations to the winner!!