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Saturday 22 September 2012

I finally found the perfect lbd at Zara when i was shopping in Florence this summer! I personally hate it to shop at the 'big stores' like Zara and H&M when i'm at another city. Cause you can find these stores on every street-corner. Normally i'm staying far, far away from them in a strange city, but because i had seen such a pretty necklace at the shop online i could not just walk by. And as you can guess... i didn't bought the necklace but enough other pretty things :)

Dress: Zara
Blouse: H&M
Loafers:  Nelly studded loafers
Bracelets: random
Belt: Mexx

Flo. said...

Oh hij is echt heel mooi, je jurkje. Haha ik vermijd de H&M ook altijd in Barcelona elk jaar, maar de ZARA niet, toch wat goedkoper dan in Nederland. Ik ben ook jaloers op je loafers en je laatste foto is heel mooi. XOXO

fran said...

i love the second pic
you look fantastic


Monja said...

thanks for lovely comment!
it'smy acc on facebook - join to me! I'm just getting started :)


Yeux De Princesses said...

Die loafers zijn zo tof! Je hebt echt mooie benen :o! xx Marie

Justina said...

Love this whole outfit, and the last picture is gorgeous :)


Fashiable | Nanne said...

Staat je leuk meid!


Puck said...

leuke outfit! <3 xx

daydreamers said...

echt hele leuke outfit, en ik hou van je schoenen!

Simona said...

You look so gorgeous among the corn Eline ;) Totally love your hair and you´re really cute :)
xx Simona

Cherelle de Graaf said...

Heel mooi jurkje inderdaad! Staaaat leuk!

Michaela said...

Oh wauw inderdaad heel leuk classy jurkje! Zou er wel een ander bloesje overheen doen, maar dit staat ook weer mooi sporty/casual, leuk!

Roshelle | Life Of Roshelle said...

Prachtige outfit! Mooie armbandjes!

amalie said...

so cute!

Elma said...

Wat een prachtig jurkje! Staat je heel mooi! x

Unknown said...

you look gorgeous:)


Rosalie said...

Staat je heel leuk!

Dascha said...

You look stunning!!

I follow you! It would
be great if you follow me back :D


Unknown said...

Staat je erg leuk dat jurkje!X

Enara Girl said...

Amazing pics and the best is that I see you happy.

Mancina said...

great outfit!! love it


StyleNightcap said...

I really like your blog. And your style is so unique!