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Small break

Thursday 10 January 2013

Sorry for staying away for a week without any warning. But i just really need to use my time for school cause i need to catch up some things. That's also why i quit my job last week. I won't be back for another week on the blog, and hope i'm able to post recently after that (although i'm not really sure since my test week is coming closer and closer by then ;).
Also i'm not able to post descent photos now because one camera is broken (there goes my last wage) and the other one is at my friends place...
Hope to be back soon, wíth good photos! And again: sorry!
Jasmin Mazarine De Waele said...

It's okay babycakes :)
your fab fab NEW follower who has a new blog post
so please check it out and maybe comment? (/follow back?)
Would really really mean a lot to me as I'm just getting started again :-)
Anyhow, have a nice day/evening

Ángela Liceth said...

Ay eres una monada,tus ojos son increíbles y tienes unos Outfits geniales!
Te espero en http://enendele.blogspot.com.es/ y espero que te guste y me sigas :)
Un beso desde Las Islas Canarias!

Manon Margaretha said...

Ah echt balen dat je camera kapot is ! Maar veel succes met school in ieder geval !

yiqin; said...

come back soon <3

Unknown said...

welcome back !!
maybe you would like to follow each other?