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Saturday 30 March 2013

Time for some healthy breakfast on this lazy saturday. Had a party last night and it was a lot of fun! The dress code was seventies, which resulted in awesome disco outfits, punks and hippies. (Of course) I was dressed as a hippie, and i might show you some photos later on. At least, if they are suitable for on the blog ;)

Pauline | The Gapeseed said...

Dit ziet er best wel heel erg lekker uit.

Katie said...

Looks like an amazing breakfast!

livlovelaugh said...

looks like lovely breakfast! I should start doing that..... swim season approaches!


MILEX said...

I am amazed by everything you do.

Wies said...

Aaah ik ben benieuwd naar je 70's foto's!

Unknown said...

Ziet er lekker uit!

Unknown said...

Seems delicious :)


Coline ♡

Ellie said...

AH I love those shoes. They are absolutely gorgeous.

My Easter was uneventful as well. I had to fly back to nyc, so I wasn't able to spend time with the family.

Great blog!