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Lowlands 2013

Thursday 29 August 2013

I already told you i went to Lowlands again this year (the festival full of music, art, theater and movies), and i think it's time to show you the photos! We went with a group from about 15 friends, so you can imagine how much fun it was. A lot of disposables cameras are waiting to be developed, so you can expect some more later on.  

Lowlands was amazing!  I laughed, danced, talked and partied so much. We had spontaneous parties on the crossing, fights with trash, shoes and tent poles, too much downpours --> wet tents, yummy food and so much more. Festivals are just the best! Lowlands is the best! The artists are the best! To mention a few i saw live: Tame Impala, Disclosure (Omg, most crowded gig i've ever been. It was horrible but so worth it.), Goat, the Lumineers, Half Moon Run, Daughter, AlunaGeorge, Franz Ferdinand, Alabama Shakes, Ben Pearce, Kodaline, HAIM, Deap Vally. And there were so much more!

And sadly enough it also was the last time i saw Cherelle for a year :( She's moving to dublin (which is awesome of course!), and we had a memorable goodbye-party at AlunaGeorge. Your drums, your love, which they played as a bonus, is kinda our song haha, so it was a good goodbye. I'm going to miss you!

1) Swirl-time with sweet Alinde and Esther!
2) AlunaGeorge
3) Visiting concerts with Cherelle
4)  Our place is a bit messy, whoops. (if you're looking really close you can see me sitting in my pyjamas on the left haha)
5) Tame Impala
Myrthe said...

Wat gaaf dat je dit naar naar Lowlands bent geweest! Leuke foto's.

c said...



Esmée said...

Wat leuk dat je daar geweest bent! Leuke foto's ook!

Unknown said...

Tof, heel erg leuke foto's! :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great event!

Unknown said...

Leuke foto's!

Manon Margaretha said...

Kan niet wachten op de andere foto's haha!

prusig said...

I love your photos!

Unknown said...

I love theses photos !


Amanda said...

oh I adore festival photos =)

Maryse said...

Super leuke foto's!

Caroline Susanto said...

Lovely pics dear ^^

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Unknown said...

look like fun event1


miasmode said...

Amazing pics and a pretty cool festival. Glad you girls had so much fun. She's movin but it's just a year. Hope you're not too sad about that.

xx glamdevils

Accrochable said...

Super cool dat je op Lowlands was!
Ik zou daar ook nog heeel graag heen willen!


Marion | The Dutch Adventure Seeker said...

Wauww ik ben jaloers op iedereen die naar lowlands is geweest!! Volgend jaar wil ik zeker gaan :)