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Thursday 10 October 2013

At the moment i'm really busy with learning for tests (chemistry tomorrow o god) and working on this huge-ass paper for school, so i'm sorry for my absence! Down below you can just see some photos from last week and some from this week.
Now i'm off again, studying some addition polymerizations, how sweet!

1) lunch!
2) time for a selfie
3) went to the theater to see the movie jour de fete on monday (above you can see the main caracter going to le cinéma), and it was so lovely! You should all watch it: giggles guaranteed ;)
4) sometimes i just pretend to be a nail-artist
KyandiiCandy said...

Leuke foto's! :D en succes met je tentamens! xx

Manon Margaretha said...

Lijkt me zo leuk om naar een zwart/wit film in de bioscoop te gaan!

Roshelle | Life Of Roshelle said...

Mmmm, foto's van eten maken me hongerig! Succes met je toetsen!


Cherelle de Graaf said...

Ik duim voor je, dus veel succes! En je ogen zijn zo mooi daar op foto 2!

MILEX said...

Aaah it's so perfect again.

Unknown said...

Your nails are so pretty and that sandwich looks so good! Hope you have a good weekend dear!

xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

Wendy said...

Leuke foto's! Je selfie is mooi :)


The Mad Twins said...

Oooh, jouw lunch ziet er echt super lekker uit Ö en die en naar de film gaan, dat moet ik ook nog eens doen ^-^ Mooie nageltjes ook :D

Judith | Juudithhome said...

Oehh, die eerste ziet er zo lekker uit! XO

p.s. op mijn blog valt €25,- shop tegoed te winnen! klik hier!

Unknown said...

your sandwich seem delicious!


Coline ♡

Kimberly said...

Die nailart is super leuk zeg! :D Wat een leuke foto's om te zien :)

LoveT. said...

Cute Nail Design <3

Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...




Anna and Klaudia said...

beautiful pictures! :)

Unknown said...

you look so sweet baby! :D i was wondering if you would like to follow me on gfc and bloglovin... i will surely follow you back! Let me know! :D
fashion blog miriam stella

Unknown said...

omg, love that sandwich! xx
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

S said...

Cute pics :)
Bj S