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Wednesday 18 January 2012

As i already told you i went to amsterdam yesterday with my art class. We were till 3 in a museum and after that we went shopping. Around half past ten we were home again and i'm still so tired... This weekend i'm also having a party, so i'm not really getting much sleep this week. ;)
But, about amsterdam again. I bought some pretty awesome stuff, like the fake-fur coat i'm wearing. In the next post i will show you the other things + my purchases from rotterdam!

(and i totally forgot to take photos, so i only have 1 photo from amsterdam! sorry. :)

Laura said...

Leuke foto's! :D

Petra said...

Leuke foto's, en je jas is supermooi!! Leuke aankoop!

Jara said...

mooie jas :)

Yeux De Princesses said...

The coat is soooooo awesome!
I've a new blog with a friend, so maybe you want to check it out :)

fran said...

like your coat a lot


Myrthe said...

Wat een toffe foto's zeg!

Marti said...

Lovely blog, I like your dressing ideas :)


Baro Lucas said...

Love your nice glasses! It's lovely!
I hope we follow here :)


Jade said...

I love that blue coat

Eccentric Daydream

crystal said...

sounds like a great day! i adore that coat, i've been looking for one like it. :)

Camilla said...


Is it just the black shoes you want on photos? I´ve posted two pictures when I´m wearing the white ones, but if you particularly want me to take photos of the black one, I can do it.