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Change of plans.

Monday 19 March 2012

I want to change my blog. I would like to post more outfits, and less nonsense. I'm thinking about 1 'normal' post, and after that 1 outfit post. It's not that i don't like my blog now (1 outfit every 1,5 week), but i just think it could be better. What do you think? More outfit posts, or do you prefer my blog like it is now?
And yes, i know i said this before, that i want to post more outfits. But this time i reallyreallyreally mean it. ;)
And do you have some tips for my facebook page? What can i do better? Cause i feel like nobody reads it. Haha.
So i would like to say it again folks, to read/see/get more updates, like my facebook-page!
Aimee said...

Ik vind je blog eigenlijk wel superleuk zo! :)

Manon Margaretha said...

Ja ! Meer outfit post is altijd leuk (:

Sassi said...

more outfit posts is a great idea! I try to post outfits as often as possible :)

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

Meer outfittts!! :D

Yeux De Princesses said...

Ik vind je blog leuk zoals hij is! Ik zou niet echt een 'planning' maken, gewoon doen waar jij zin in hebt want het is jou blog :) Dus als jij zegt: vandaag wil ik dit posten en morgen dat, dan moet je dat gewoon doen :D! x Marie

Mercedes Morales said...

Yes more outfits!! I try to do the same, but sometimes is very difficult because I don't have time to prepare the photos of outfit and stuff.