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Little playlist

Thursday 4 April 2013

A lot of you have been asking me which kind of music i listen.
To be honest, there is a lot of music i like (i'm probably not the only one with a blended music taste)! But to give you a little insight in my playlist, i will share my favorites with you. Even though it will probably be different next week haha. (You should not mind my music-labeling too much, since i'm pretty bad at that. You better just listen to the songs ;)

R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys
You probably all know Arctic Monkeys (and if not, go hit yourself with a chair or something), so there's no need telling you this English rock band is awesome. And when i'm listening to this song i just can't help myself, my arms and legs are all over the place haha.

Oceans - Coasts
My love for this indie song is huge. I've already listened it a thousand times and it's still so beautiful. Can't wait for the summer to arrive; than i'll dance between the flowers, hear Oceans and be extremely happy!

Hold the Line - Soul Sister Dance Revolution
These Dutchies definitely deserve some attention on the blog. I don't know which genre this is, but it's catchy and cheerful and yes. Me gusta.

A-Kasseblues - Movits!
Aaargh, why did i miss Movits! on Lowlands last year? This Swedish band is amazing. Their music is great for all sorts of occasions, and A-Kasseblues is perfect while laying on your couch, doing nothing. Peaceful and lively.

Jeeda said...

Sounds great...

Fashiable | Nanne said...

Ik ken(de) ze nog niet, ik ga ze eens luisteren :)

Anonymous said...

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Jessica said...

lekkere muziek!
Ik hou van de arctic monkeys! <3

Cherelle de Graaf said...

Ah jammer inderdaad dat je Movits gemist hebt, ze waren echt te leuk.

The Fashion Moodboard said...

Leuke liedjes! Ken er nog geen 1 maar ze klinken erg fijn! :)


Rachel said...

Movits! Een woord! Geweldig! op lowlands speelden ze in de veeeelstekleine lima en HEEL LOWLANDS stond te swingen en te swingen, ze waren zo leuk op het podium! echt jammer dat je het gemist had :( (en nu heb ik wel weer genoeg uitroeptekens gebruikt)

Unknown said...

Leuke muziek!

Unknown said...

heel leuke playlist, meeste liedjes kende ik nog niet!


Paola Lauretano said...

Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin and facebook if you want...just let me know :3 <3

Unknown said...

Nice post :)
I really like your blog- followed ;)

Lauren Dimesky said...

I'm kinda liking Arctic Monkeys! Their sound is growing on me! Good post, babe!!!!

Lauren at adorn la femme

Anonymous said...

Leuke muziek!


Lana said...

Oooh, ik hou van Arctic Monkeys! R U Mine is ook echt zo'n mooi liedje. :) Bedankt voor je leuke reactie op mijn blog. xoxo

Cynthiiaa said...

De Arctic Monkeys zijn echt geweldig! Ik hoop dat ze dit jaar weer op Lowlands zijn. Het laatste optreden van hen was namelijk awesome!

blond-yasmin said...

Great sounds ;)

Claudia said...

Wauw ik ken ze allemaal niet. Tijd voor het ontdekken van nieuwe songs.

Johanna said...

Thank you so much, darling, I appreciate every little comment!
Love and kiss,

Rowan - Rebels maar Romantisch said...

Oh Motivs is cool! Wat een goede tip, thanks. :) Ook Soul Sister Dance Revolution vind ik top!

Unknown said...

Such a pretty dress! x

melissa said...

love arctic monkeys and cute floral dress

Chris said...

Toffe muziek! ^^ Ik kende geen een ervan maar vind ze stuk voor tof hahaa. xx