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Monday 2 June 2014

I've been doing lots of fun things now my exams are over! Visited a lot of different cities (which you could already see on my instagram), concerts and festivals. Down below you can see some photos that didn't make it to instagram, but i wanted to share them with you anyway.
Oh and i'm so excited to see Manon again this saturday! She's coming all the way from her place, which is like 2,5 hours away, to join my graduation party!

1) With Cherelle at the Apple Store. 'Oh my, my hands look like a manatee!'
2) 3) At Together Pangea last Thursday (you can see me climbing on stage at the front and crowdsurfing on the next picture, photos by Tom Roelofs)
3) Such a great setting
4) Photo from when i visited grandpa and grandma
5) Favorite spot in my town
fran said...

your pic smilling is amazing beautiful

i have a new special outfit in my blog


Manon Margaretha said...

Ik heb ook super veel zin in dit weekend!
Die foto met de paraplu's is echt heel erg tof!

Closet Fashionista said...

Love the last 3 photos! You have such an adorable smile :)
I wish I was back in school so I could be on Summer break, haha

Roshelle | Life Of Roshelle said...

Wat een superfoto's, echt heel erg leuk!

Joy said...

Leuke foto's! Geniet van je feestje :)


Dascha said...

Wat een leuke foto's! Die foto's met de paraplu's is echt heel gaaf!


Marion | The Dutch Adventure Seeker said...

wat vet, crowdsurfing!! Dat staat echt nog op mijn bucketlist hahah. Leuk dat je ook zo'n festival meisje bent, ik heb dit weekend weer een festival. Jeuj!

Unknown said...

Bring on the awesomeness! I love the pics on this post xx

melissa said...

Good fun, It is so important to relax, have fun and enjoy yourself x

Rachel Kromdijk said...

toffe foto's meid en vooral die laatste is erg mooi liefs x

Elisa Zanetti said...

the first pic is so funny!
ps. Just followed u on Bloglovin', I hope u will follow me too so we will never miss each others' posts!
Nameless Fashion Blog

Keys of Anouk said...

Wat een geweldige foto's! Groot gelijk dat je heerlijk van je vrije tijd geniet :-) En wat een toffe foto dat je aan 't crowdsurfing bent zeg! xo

Unknown said...

Heel erg mooie foto's! Ziet er leuk uit :)

The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

Eeeeep you look lovely as usual! Have a great week darling xx

Sveva said...

the first pic is so fun!


Lady parisienne said...

Cool post and the first photos is very fun :)

Caro * said...

Great photos ! The first one is amazing and so fun ! <3

Charline . said...

Really nice pictures!

See you Eline xx

Laura Jones said...

looks like you've been really enjoying yourself:-) nice photos, i love the two last ones! x

emma said...

Together. Pangea. Whow. IK WILDE DAAR DUS ECHT GRAAG HEEN JAAAA. Er kwamen wat andere concerten tussendoor, dus ik vond het niet zo erg, maar oooooh zo tof! De foto van bij je opa & oma is ook prachtig!

The Elle Diaries said...

I love these photos, happiness in motion!!
I would like to use one for my new home, if i can, do I have your permission, and or- can I pay you a fee for it?
I want to decorate my new home with outstanding photographs, and the ones I see on some of my favorite blogs, are the very best.
Let me know?
Have a great week!
XX, Elle

Fashion Lover said...

Cool and funny pictures dear!!


Enara Girl said...

Very nice pictures, I haven't been in a music festival this year yet. xoxo