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The hague hotspots

Thursday 2 April 2015

The Hague is a beautiful city, with a lot of hidden treasures. When my brother came here for the first time, his reaction was "it's a bit boring". To show you that it's absolutely not boring, i decided to make a hotspot list! The Hague is one of those towns where you have to look better for nice places, unlike Amsterdam or Utrecht. Divided into a few categories i would like to show you my favorite spots. And if you'd like to know more, feel free to send me an email!

Food & Drinks
De Wankele Tafel (Mauritskade 79)
This vegetarian restaurant is perfect for students/people who don't want to spend that much on dinner, but who'd still like a filled stomach. For about €10 you get a BIG plate of the most delicious food, ranging from an exotic rice meal to a buckwheat vegetable cookie. 

Burgerz (Prinsestraat 23)
I have to admit that i've never been here, but according to real burger-lovers this is one of the best places in Holland you can find. 

Vavoom Tiki Room cocktailbar (Grote Markt)
Since i'm living in The Hague and have something to celebrate, you can always find me here. They serve you the best picture perfect cocktails!

Crunch (Piet Heinstraat 108)
This is one of those coffee places where there's always a nice and chill atmosphere, and the best homemade pie. Because it's a couple of streets away from the busy shopping area and located in a residential area you'll find a lot of locals here, from 'old' people to children. And since it's close to my house it's possible that you run into me to! One of my friends Hadassa is working there as well, so if you see a long blonde girl with blue eyes: say hi from me!

Concrete (Papestraat 17)
Definitely a shop for the coolest kids in town. Selling brands like Walter van Beirendonck, Adidas Y-3 and Rick Owens you can find the perfect outfit, and top it off with the shoes and accessories they're selling. (Tip: go to Common Kin across the street as well)

Max Mara (Hoogstraat 41)
Does this even need explanation? 

Penny Wise (Maziestraat 5)
Hidden in an alley, this is a true walhalla for secondhand designer lovers. The clothes are rarely older than 2 years so if you're looking good enough you can surely find some items seen in the big stores last year. The shoe section is definitely worth a look at well: amazing Manolo Blahnik's and Prada's aren't an exception.

Windmakers shop/atelier/exhibition  (Piet Heinplein 50)
Windmakers is a very nice place to visit, where you can see the work of 5 designers/artists: a photographer, graphic-, textile-, fashion-, and shoe designer. A special thing about this place is that it's a shop, adjacent to the ateliers which are open for public as well. A very fresh and welcoming concept if you ask me!

The Fine Store (Piet Heinstraat 64)
If you like conscious goods that are responsible made and if you're a fan of the scandinavian minimalist interior style, this is the place to be. A good tip for you would be the shop Edwin Pelser as well, you will find it if you walk straight ahead (it's close to Crunch).

The Barbershop & co (Torenstraat 35a)
In this building you can find a lot of small shops. The idea of this conceptstore is to offer ambitious entrepreneurs a chance to start their own place.So in here you can find several different things, such as a hairdresser, coffee corner and a vintage clothing shop.

The Hague is so close to the beach that it would be a shame not to go there!

Cherelle de Graaf said...

Hahaha, sowieso Tiki Room om je dure aankopen weg te drinken ;)

De Dotties said...

Wauw dit zien er allemaal erg leuke plaatsen uit!

Manon Margaretha said...

Ah ja dit is zo leuk eline!
Beter gaan we een keer naar die cocktailbar!!!

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Lovely! Hope you have a nice and safe Friday dear! :D

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Joy said...

Leuk! Burgerz moet je echt heen. Ik hou echt er van :)

Die cocktail bar kende ik niet! Ik ging altijd naar die n delft. Deze ga ik snel uit proberen :)


Paulina said...

Great post :)

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Great places !


Jeanne said...

What an amazing selection of places! Thanks for sharing Eline! ;)

Magda Carvalho said...

Lovely imagens

Unknown said...

What a great travel post I would love to visit someday! The shopping decor is very pleasant and so is the beachside! :) xo~ Lena

Diva In Me said...

I like the picture where a bar tender was making drinks. It looks like mojito =D
The Fine Store looks good too. Definitely contemporary.

Lisette Pool - 24/7 STYLISH said...

Aah wat een leuke plekken zeg!!!

Caro * said...

Fabulous photos ! The Mojito looks delicious :)

Anett said...

It looks like a pretty cool place to me! Happy Easter, dear :)

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